Des Fischers Handwerk wird auf Eis gelegt

Johnny Carlsen

Des Fischers Handwerk wird auf Eis gelegt

Video 2020, 10:58

Johnny Carlsen verknüpft historische Aufnahmen über die Fischerei mit dem heutigen Erscheinungsbild der Häfen auf Bornholm. Sportboote, Limousinen, Privatgrundstücke, Zäune. Die Häfen wirken verspiegelt und menschenleer. Die Touristen, für die das maritime Wunderland geschaffen wurde, bleiben auf Grund der Corona-Pandemie aus. In Johnny Carlsens Video zeigen sich deutlich die Auswirkungen, wenn eine Insel auf Fremdbelebung setzt.

The fischerman’s handwork is put on ice

Video 2020, 10:58

Johnny Carlsen connects historical recordings about fishing with contemporary images of the ports on Bornholm. Pleasure boats, limousines, private estates, fences. The harbours appear deserted, surfaces reflecting the light. The tourists for whom the maritime wonderland was created are absent due to the pandemic. Johnny Carlsen’s video clearly shows what happens when an island relies on outsiders to enliven it.

Johnny Carlsen (born 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish media producer, social anthropologist and a documentary filmmaker.

He graduated in Media Production and Management, Danish School of Media and Journalism (1991) and holds a master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen (2007)

What spurred his curiosity towards anthropology was a motorcycle trip from Denmark through Asia and Southeast Asia to Australia and back in 1994. During the trip, which lasted one and a half years, he experienced the variety of social, religious, economic and political differences and cultural similarities both locally and globally.

After many years in advertising and academic research he established Carlsenfilm in 2013 making documentary films focused on stories about people’s life and real life events whether it is about performing artists or company presentations. 

The world of performing artists has the focal point of productions to come. The quest for knowledge is based on the curiosity about what is behind the scenes and how the process of creation is brought to life. 

He made his directing debut in 2012 with “The Making of Sculpture”. Following “The Making of Sculpture” he produced “Hommage a Jorn”, “The Restoration of King Edward VII” and “The Mosaic Table” all documentaries about the production of artworks. Last to see the light is “Angkor – Cambodia” which takes its outset in Cambodia portraying the worlds largest temple complex and its history.

During the last couple of years Johnny Carlsen has had exhibitions around Denmark portraying the world that was in its present form of decay. Ruins or/and parts from ruins is incorporated in his arts whereas the latest production is exhibited at Gudhjem Museum this year from 13. June – 26. July.

The next exhibition – Doors of Perception – is opening 18. September at Bornholm where the perceptions and realisations of the corona-pandemic is undertaken by paintings on old doors from ruins at Bornholm.

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