Through The Surface
Shifting Spaces

Helle Kvamme, Tomasz Madajczak

Throug The Surface
Shifting Spaces

Video 2020, 05:26

Kulisse. Künstliche Verästelung. Unter Folie atmet Sumpflandschaft. Schemenhaft winkt der Schatten einer Figur am Strand. Ein Fischer geht auf die Suche nach dem Kraut, welches ihm Unsterblichkeit verleiht.

Seeing. Being. Becoming.
Baltic sea, a Nordic Lung, contaminated, breathes but not without pain. The transparency has become a blur and politics broken down and left in a dark water. It’s a universe, it’s an ecosystem but pain is contained in ignorance. The eal searches, moves, enters. The others don’t want to think about it, they just do and tries to get on with every day matters.

to see water to see land
to look to be sheltered, hidden
seeing soundless
water draws penetrates through
to another place revealing wisdom
a possible action stillness
an eals whisper soundless knowledge
a drawing  
sand layers hidden beneath
unreadable unknown
tearwater meets the northern ice the journey has revealed
melted through time
with memory constantly changing
do not forget letting go
what you saw entering the unknown
down somewhere
through whisper

Helle Kvamme is a Norwegian artist based in Sweden. Her performance/sculptural practice explores everyday systems, be they financial technological or nature itself.

She uses such simple tasks as mimicking, imagining, sketching, waiting, smelling, climbing listening, walking, lying down and dancing to explore the co – existence of ecological and monetary value systems. She creates a dialogical space of encounter with her Audience through photography, film, movement, found objects and organic materials.

Fundamental to her practice is the creation of new platforms where artists can meet and dialogues can emerge. For several Years, her place of research and point of departure has been a hazel forest on the coast of sweden. She invites people there to interact, work and engage with the forest as physical space but also with its immaterial nature: how can we read time, light, sound and movement in this environment.

Tomasz Madajczak was born in Poland in 1979. He completed his education obtaining MA in Photography and Installation Art in 2003 at University of Find Arts Poznań, Poland. He has emigrated to Ireland shortly afterwards, where he lives and creates ever since. His Art Works have been exhibited in Ireland, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Nederland’s.

Tomasz Madajczak works as an artist since his graduation: as a photographer, commissioned artist, exhibiting artist and artist in community.

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